If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation
If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation


Storm Damage

What is covered?

Loss or damage to the insured property caused by storm, lightning, wind,

hail, snow and storm water overflow from roof gutters and their downpipes

or from the area immediately around the premises.  


         It is quite common for property owners to not notice damage to certain areas of their property as they are not commonly inspected nor will many homeowners realise the severity of the damage and the long term complications that may arise if left unattended.

         Metal – Compromise the structural integrity

Identifying Hail Damage - Metal Roofing



New Roofs Are At Risk Too!

*taken from Bluescope Australia roofing material warranty:

10. b) This warranty does not cover corrosion to perfpration, paint flaking or peeling, wholy or partly due to an event or cause beyond the reasonable control of BlueScope Steel, including without limitations each of the ff: xi) earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, typhoons, gales, lightning, hail, fires, flood and other similarly extreme “Act of God”.

         Asbestos – Health and environmental concerns

Identifying Hail Damage - Asbestos Roofing

Damaged Asbestos Roofs Pose A Serious
Health & Environmental Risk!

*taken from Australian Government Dept of Health website http://www.health.gov.au

Hailstorms pose a risk to roofing, particularly old asbestos roof. If your asbestos roofing is punctured or cracked, it is best have your house re-roofed. Be very careful when checking your roof, particularly if it contains asbestos or other brittle material….Do not attempt to repair broken asbestos cement roofs. As soon as possible after a storm, or if you suspect damage, have the roof properly assessed by a licensed professional.

         Ancillary items – Cover by the insurance

Identifying Hail Damage - Ancillary items

Our highly trained consultants will inspect your entire property for damage and will ensure you all necessary items are fairly covered by your insurance company

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