If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation
If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation


Commercial Claims

Handling commercial claims of all sizes with expertise and professionalism your property is in safe hands with one of our commercial specialists.

New Claims

Before making a claim you should first have one of our consultants inspect your property for free to see what and if you are eligible to claim.

The Alliance Team can identify if you have claimable damage to your property, assist you in filing a claim correctly and even represent you throughout the claims process. To book your free inspection click “here”.

Most property owners are unaware of the damage, its severity and the complications that might arise in the future if the damage is left unattended. It is quite common place for an inspector not fastidiously trained to identify certain types of storm damage to fail to notice damage to your property, leaving your property vulnerable.

The Alliance Team have worked with hundreds of clients to assist them in achieving the best possible outcome for their property claims, you truly get “The advantage of experience”.

Please note: All inspections are free whether we identify damage or not. If we inspect your property and do not find damage you will be issued with a certificate to produce to your insurer in the event your property is affected by a storm in the future.

Re-Opening Claims

If you believe your insurance company gave you an unfair or incomplete inspection one of our consultants can look at reopening your claim and see that you are fairly compensated.

It is quite common for damage to be overlooked in an initial inspection whether the assessor simply missed it, is unskillful, in a rush or unsure if it should be covered. It is always safer to get an unbiased perspective.

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