If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation
If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation


Insure Your Beach Property

Need help lodging your residential, commercial or any other insurance claim? Start your journey to a successful lodge with experts at AP Consultancy.

AP Consultancy is your go-to guide in the world of property. From Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide to Perth, we have grown to become the most trusted property consultancy firm in Australia.

With passion and dedication to our clients’ happiness, we help make Australians feel more at home in their homes. Our property insurance solutions are innovative and tailored to promptly and professionally ensure you get the best from your claim.

Based on your policy, an insurance cover can rescue you when your property is damaged by both artificial and natural catastrophic events. As such, we carry out thorough inspections of your property to ensure you get value for your commitment.

Why you need property insurance

It’s more about safeguarding yourself financially in case something unexpected damages your valuable possessions. This is crucial considering that your home or commercial premise could be one of your investments.

Look at this;

  • If your home was destroyed by fire or damaged by a natural catastrophe, you would need money to replace or repair it
  • If a guest in your home got injured, medical coverage and liability protection would help pay expenses
  • If you became a victim of theft or vandalism, your insurance company can pay for repairs or reimburse you for your loss
  • If your home is on a mortgage, your lender will require insurance

It is worth noting that residential or commercial property insurance only covers unexpected damage and not routine maintenance.

When it comes to lodging residential claims and commercial claims, AP Consultancy is simply unbeatable because this is what we do best every day.

Our experts have profound knowledge of the Australian property market and understand what needs to be covered in your policy to avoid underinsuring your property.

Well, while a lower average premium may give homeowners a sigh of relief, the risk of disastrous events can have a huge negative impact on someone’s premiums. For instance, you may pay higher premiums when insuring a home near the beach.

The best way to determine your most accurate policy is involving a specialist to assess your property and help you make the right estimation.

As a reputable property insurance consultant, we are known for excellent customer service and ensuring that our clients are paid their claims fairly and promptly.

Our insurance claim process is simple and guarantees hassle-free way of filing and settling claims. Have multiple policies, new claims, existing claims or claims that need re-opening? Turn to AP Consultancy today for professional help.

For more information on our property insurance solutions, contact us.

Why Insure Your Beach Property?

The information contained in this article is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs, objectives or circumstances into consideration, and is not financial advice, legal advice or otherwise a recommendation to purchase any financial product or insurance policy. You should seek your own independent financial advice from a qualified financial and insurance adviser before making any financial decisions, and seek your own independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor before making any decisions of a legal nature.

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