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Australian Extreme Weathe-APConsultancy

Australia’s ageing energy system is quickly deteriorating due to the extreme weather patterns triggered by climate change, new findings show.

The report by Climate Council named Hot and Dry: Australia’s Weird Winter, highlights the impact of the 2017 winter which is the warmest ever recorded in the nation’s history.

According to the report, Australia’s ageing energy infrastructure will not be able to withstand the more frequent and extended heatwaves.

Apparently, more than 260 heat and low rainfall records have been smashed. The report also says that the current Australian energy system is hoary, inefficient and polluting.

As such, it cannot cope with the continuous extreme weather events being experienced like severe storms, drought and heatwaves. In addition, the report indicates that the nation is also at risk of heightened bush fire during the current season.

Renewables: the lasting solution to the ageing system

The Climate Council which is an independent body is in favour of transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems such as residential and commercial solar energy, solar PV panel installation and solar power storage battery.

Further in the report, the Council lays emphasis on the fact that the Paris Agreement must remain as it is despite threats from the US to modify it. And after the agreement is endorsed, the Council advises that the Turnbull Government must intensify its clean energy efforts.

Amanda McKenzie, the Climate Council CEO insisted that there is no turning back, and the global tidal wave for investing in clean energy must be pursued at all costs.

“There is no denying the economics, renewables are cheaper than new coal and continue to drop in cost,” she said.

“The future is renewable power regardless of the US and Australia isolating itself from global action.”

Why Australian consumers need to embrace green energy

In its conclusion, the Council report shows that climate change has had a severe effect on Australia’s environment as evident in the country’s record-breaking dry, hot conditions.

Household and businesses are now urged to invest in clean energy sources like solar power systems, wind and solar batteries to curb carbon emissions.

Climate change has had three main impacts on Australia:

  1. Stress on the nation’s ageing energy
  2. Increased risk of severe bushfires. Both residents and the environment are at great risk especially the eastern and southern Australia regions
  3. Dropped crop and livestock productivity. Farmers are abandoning the land due to the extremely high weather events

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