If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation
If your claim is not approved then there is no fee whatsoever. Click here for free consultation


Development Consultation

Request a property assessment and consultation to see if we may be able to develop your land.

Insurance Claims

The Alliance team can identify if you have claimable damage to your property, assist you in filing a claim CORRECTLY and even represent you throughout the claims process

Storm Damage Inspections

Most property owners are unaware of the damage, its severity and the complications that might arise in the future if the damage is left unattended.


The Alliance Team have worked with hundreds of clients to assist them in achieving the best possible outcome for their property claims, you truly get “The advantage of experience”.

Residential Claims

We are the experts when it comes to handling residential claims. Deal with someone that has a proven track record that really cares about your property and will look after your best interests.

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Commercial Claims

Handling commercial claims of all sizes with expertise and professionalism your property is in safe hands with one of our commercial specialists.

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Claims Process

Although insurance claims can be daunting, complicated and time consuming on your own, our expert consultants can make it simple, easy and convienient keeping you updated along the way whilst looking after YOUR best interests.

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New Claims

We can help you identify any damage your property may have sustained and help you CORRECTLY lodge a claim to see that it is promptly rectified.

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Re-Opening Claims

If you believe your insurance company gave you an unfair or incomplete inspection one of our consultants can look at reopening your claim and see that you are fairly compensated.

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Existing Claims

If you already have an existing claim, engaging our expert guidance will make sure you receive the best possible outcome, saving you time, money and giving you a greater understanding of the process.

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Have your property inspected for free to identify any potential storm damage you are eligible to claim.


Have the Alliance team handle the insurance process for you from start to finish.


Whether it be organising repairs to your property or making sure you receive fair and reasonable compensation, we will tailor the best solution for YOU


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  • I just want to thank Dan from Alliance for the good work he did for my Dad and I to get a new roof, I highly recommend Alliance


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